I have been working with Cumbria Crystal for a while now and it has been a real privilege. The mesmeric quality of their craft has resulted in me zoning into a hypnotic state while I have been filming which as you might imagine has resulted in more footage and a longer edit process.

Six is a new range designed by Managing Director, Katy Holford, and this ten minute short Creating Six shows how, from a formless lump of molten glass, a collection of stunning glassware is created.

The celtic harp tracks used in the piece are composed and played by rebecca joy sharp  and they seem to reflect the fragile beauty of each piece of glass as it moves from one  member of the team to the next.

The team at Cumbria Crystal have a rare blend of deft skills of hand, eye and timing. It is no surprise that the Downton Abbey production team have bought classic glassware from Cumbria Crystal for their formal dinner scenes and that this is the company who delivers James Bond’s martini to his lips and glassware to British Embassies world wide. As the last remaining traditional crystal manufacturer in England they need to be treasured.

SIX a collection of individual and unique pieces of traditionally, hand crafted, contemporary, designed glassware. Crystal without compromise.

directed by rose bugler for wild salmon productions

3 thoughts on “eclectic, original, SIX

  1. Hi Rose,

    I thought the video was great. Itself quite mesmerising. I plan to get the music if I can and will have to save up for a whiskey glass.

    Found it inspirational in terms of what we have been talking about for the future as far as personal and career development is concerned.

    Mike Curtis

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